1/4 – Welcome Back!

Sherlock Holmes Movie

Another good movie if you get the chance – Sherlock Holmes.  I’m not sure where I stand on the glamorization of science/reasoning… my initial thoughts are that shows/movies like House, CSI, Numbers, Sherlock Holmes, are positive.  Are there any downsides?  Scientific over-simplification, inaccuracies, etc?

Algebra 2 – Started Chapter 6 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.  Check out these videos (2008 and 2009) if you missed class.  Watch for how fast technology/connectivity/communication is changing – also, China’s and India’s populations.  The clips are correct: we are living in exponential times.

Here are the


We got through most of 6.1 (HW 40), due on Monday 1/11.


Pre-Calculus – Collected HW Ch5A.  Here is 

  (due at Chapter Test time).  Here are the


We’ll be starting a short group project on Wednesday.  If you have Google Earth, spend some time looking at TALL landmarks (Washington Monument, Eiffel Tower, etc).  Record the location and make sure the shadow is visible.  Bring this info to class before Wednesday.  Also think about a potential partner.


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