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1/26 Recap



Sorry I missed the last couple of days.  I’m really feeling the end of semester crunch.  So tired…

Algebra 2 – Review night tonight 6:30-7:30 (later if absolutely needed) in B-51.  Come ask questions and prepare for the test.  Here is the Review and Key


Pre-Calc – We’ve been working on the Chapter 5 Test.  Afterwards we relaxed with some KenKen.


1/21 Recap

Time is Money by practition^r.

Algebra 2 – Talked about the time value of money.  Very interesting and probably the one of the most important topics you’ll learn about this year.  If you missed class today, you’ll need to check out the TVM solver on your TI calculator; I can help you with this, but you’ll need to come see me (or email me).  We started an in-class activity that we’ll finish up tomorrow.  All late work due tomorrow.


Pre-Calculus – We had a lot of absences today (swimming, sickness, etc), so the test was postponed until tomorrow.  Remember, all work is due tomorrow.

1/20 Recap

Algebra II – Finished up 6.7 and did lots of examples of solving equations with logs.  HW 46 (6.7) due Monday 1/25.

Pre-Calc – Went over problems on the review. Found a mistake on my review key (theta for problem 2c is 239deg, not 121).  Review Night tonight at 6:30 in my room.  I have to leave at 8:20.

1/19 Recap

Seismograph by mobyd46.

Alg 2 – 6.7 Richter Scale and Newton’s Law of Cooling (we’ll work more on this tomorrow).

Pre-Calc – Reviewed how to use calculator to convert between decimal degrees and deg/min/sec.  Save some time and do these conversions on a calc.  Especially for the review.

1/15 Recap

Alg2 – We’ll be talking about the Richter Scale next week.  Stay updated on the news coming out of Haiti over the long weekend.

All late work due 1/22

Pre-Calc – All work due 1/22 (Chapter 5B, Chapter 5 Review, and your Legal Description drawing with area).

1/14 Recap


Alg2 – Introduced the natural number and the natural log.

Pre-Cal – Found area of a polygon by breaking it up into triangles.  Law of Cosine is very useful.  Legal Descriptions were handed out to all groups.  We’ll be spending some of tomorrow drawing our plots and calculating acreage.  Chapter 5 test at the end of next week

1/13 Recap

Alg2 – What a cool day in Alg2.  Lot’s of chemistry.

Pre-Cal – Finished up some Law of Cosine intro with a couple examples.  I will be sure to post hints to the story problems in 5.7 and 5.8 over the weekend.

1/12 Recap

Beautiful Loudness by Orin Zebest.

ALG 2 – Sound Intensity.  I learned about Owl City today (I always wondered who sang that one song…).

Pre-Calc – I tried to introduce the law of cosines today.  Seating chart anyone?


Alg 2 – HW 43 section 6.4 due next tuesday (1/19)

Pre-Calc – The ambiguous case of the law of sines.  How many triangles can you draw given Angle-Side-Side.  It depends.

1/8 – Wow, that looks fun [craziness]

Omar Al HegelanLook away now if you're afraid of heights: This image is taken as Al Niyadi hurtles head first through the air down the side of the building. The lights on the side of the building are below him

So, the project we’re working on in Pre-Calc is fun, but not as fun as jumping off really tall stuff.  Does the building from the B.A.S.E. jumper’s camera look familiar? It should.

Check this out.

Enjoy the weekend after a long, rough week back.

Pre-Calc – we finished section 5.6

Alg 2 – remember, HW 40, 41, and 42 due on Monday