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A Break…

I hope you’re all enjoying Spring Break. Pre-calc – I talked to an electrical engineer and found out that trig identities are important and actually used quite frequently to simplify signals and systems work. I also learned that many EEs don’t like math and solve most of their problems using computers and simulations…


Are you enjoying Olympic curling? I am.


I find myself too busy to really enjoy the Olympics.  I did get to watch some curling online yesterday.  It is a really interesting game and provides some great physics problems (friction, momentum).  I’m surprised Mr. Groom hasn’t done a Physics of the Olympics lesson yet.

A little pre-calc trig refresher

These notes may get your brain going after a long holiday break…

Notes and Chapter 5A HW Help –> PreCal_12_28

Enjoy the break – I sure will!

Shoot me an email if you need any help.  Check out Avatar over the break. ~Mr. Ford


algebra 2 – Quadratic inequalities

We only we’re able to cover about half the section, so I adjusted the HW.  See the notes to find the assignment. 

Pre-Calculus – Intro to Trig Ratios and Snell’s Law

Light is cool.  Especially refracted light.  If you have one of the fiber optic toys, bring it to class.  I wish I had one today for a demo – oh, well.