1/13 Recap

Alg2 – What a cool day in Alg2.  Lot’s of chemistry.

Pre-Cal – Finished up some Law of Cosine intro with a couple examples.  I will be sure to post hints to the story problems in 5.7 and 5.8 over the weekend.


1/12 Recap

Beautiful Loudness by Orin Zebest.

ALG 2 – Sound Intensity.  I learned about Owl City today (I always wondered who sang that one song…).

Pre-Calc – I tried to introduce the law of cosines today.  Seating chart anyone?


Alg 2 – HW 43 section 6.4 due next tuesday (1/19)

Pre-Calc – The ambiguous case of the law of sines.  How many triangles can you draw given Angle-Side-Side.  It depends.

1/8 – Wow, that looks fun [craziness]

Omar Al HegelanLook away now if you're afraid of heights: This image is taken as Al Niyadi hurtles head first through the air down the side of the building. The lights on the side of the building are below him

So, the project we’re working on in Pre-Calc is fun, but not as fun as jumping off really tall stuff.  Does the building from the B.A.S.E. jumper’s camera look familiar? It should.

Check this out.

Enjoy the weekend after a long, rough week back.

Pre-Calc – we finished section 5.6

Alg 2 – remember, HW 40, 41, and 42 due on Monday


1/7 Algebra 2 Notes

Overturned log truck by eurleif.

Logarithms <—same as an exponential equation

Don’t get freaked out when you see a log, it’s just an exponential function…

What time is it? Useful links for pre-cal students.


Here is some additional info for all you eager pre-cal students.  Hopefully it will be helpful as you work on your packet.

Copy of Intro Slides and version with in-class notes <—here is a copy of the slides that we presented at the beginning of class (Burj Dubai example).

Altitude/Azimuth Tables <—be careful if your structure is not in the US.  You’ll need to enter latitude/longitude and the time zone (number of zones and direction away from GMT)

Find the lat/long of a location using Google Maps <—very helpful if you can’t find the coordinates on Wikipedia

Screenshot <– If you need to capture a screenshot to print a satellite image, use the “Print Scrn” button on your keyboard, then paste the image into a document and print.

1/6 Algebra 2 Notes

credit cards by TheTruthAbout....

APR/APY – learn the importance now.  Make money work for you and not against you.

HW 40 and 41 due Monday 1/11

1/5 Recap

Algebra 2 –

  (per 2 notes at the end of the PDF are much more concise – sorry period 1!)

Pre-Calc – 

1/4 – Welcome Back!

Sherlock Holmes Movie

Another good movie if you get the chance – Sherlock Holmes.  I’m not sure where I stand on the glamorization of science/reasoning… my initial thoughts are that shows/movies like House, CSI, Numbers, Sherlock Holmes, are positive.  Are there any downsides?  Scientific over-simplification, inaccuracies, etc?

Algebra 2 – Started Chapter 6 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.  Check out these videos (2008 and 2009) if you missed class.  Watch for how fast technology/connectivity/communication is changing – also, China’s and India’s populations.  The clips are correct: we are living in exponential times.

Here are the


We got through most of 6.1 (HW 40), due on Monday 1/11.


Pre-Calculus – Collected HW Ch5A.  Here is 

  (due at Chapter Test time).  Here are the


We’ll be starting a short group project on Wednesday.  If you have Google Earth, spend some time looking at TALL landmarks (Washington Monument, Eiffel Tower, etc).  Record the location and make sure the shadow is visible.  Bring this info to class before Wednesday.  Also think about a potential partner.

A little pre-calc trig refresher

These notes may get your brain going after a long holiday break…

Notes and Chapter 5A HW Help –> PreCal_12_28